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The Best Hotel in Seminyak

In the Seminyak area, hotels offer exceptional stay experiences on the island of Bali. With a blend of elegant contemporary design and refreshing tropical ambiance, hotels in Seminyak radiate luxury and comfort for guests seeking an unforgettable vacation. Elegant and spacious rooms, equipped with modern amenities, create the perfect resting atmosphere after exploring the beauty of Seminyak. Some hotels even offer private villas with indulgent swimming pools, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled privacy and luxury.

The Best Hotels in Seminyak Under $26 USD

Grandmas Seminyak Hotel: $23 / Night

Grandmas Seminyak Hotel is a perfect choice for your Hotel in Seminyak. While it might not have the distinctive Balinese architectural appeal, its main advantage lies in its exceptional location, just a few meters from Seminyak Beach.

Berry Biz Hotel: $21 / Night

The main advantage of Berry Biz Hotel is its new facilities (opened in 2015) and its highly modern room designs. However, its biggest drawback is its location along Sunset Road, which requires additional transportation like renting a motorbike or other vehicles for mobility. Nevertheless, you’re only a few minutes away from the center of Seminyak and the beach.

The hotel is a good choice, especially if you plan to rent a motorbike and enjoy the highly modern, clean, and comfortable room facilities offered by Berry Biz Hotel.

The Studio Hotel: $26 / Night

The Studio Hotel is a 3-star accommodation with 16 rooms. One of its interesting aspects is the room design that combines traditional and modern elements in its decoration. However, its weakness lies in its location.

Kiki Residence Bali: $11 / Night

Kiki Residence Bali is a suitable choice for those seeking affordable Hotel. Although its location may not be optimal, it can be overcome by renting a motorbike or using other means of transportation. One of its attractions is the presence of a swimming pool and affordable prices. It is recommended to book in advance, especially since it tends to fill up on certain dates.

The best hotels in Seminyak between $26 – $53 USD

Horison Seminyak Bali: $48 / Night

You will certainly be pleased with this beautiful accommodation. Horison Hotel Seminyak offers spacious rooms with appealing decor, swimming pool facilities, a rooftop bar, buffet breakfast, proximity to the beach, and numerous complimentary activities to enjoy. The hotel also provides free shuttle service to the beach and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

The rooms in this 4-star hotel are truly exceptional. They provide unparalleled comfort with quality furnishings and beds, as well as spacious bathrooms.

HARRIS Hotel Seminyak: $36 / Night

HARRIS Hotel Seminyak is a 4-star accommodation with a total of 231 rooms, part of the HARRIS hotel network throughout Bali. Although it might not have the same allure as the previous Horizon Hotel, HARRIS Hotel Seminyak remains an excellent choice. Within its price range, the hotel offers very comfortable rooms, quality facilities, and a highly advantageous location near Double Six Beach.

Ramada Encore Hotel Seminyak: $36 / Night

Ramada Encore Bali Hotel Seminyak is an exceptional hotel with very few complaints. Everything, from the abundant breakfast, beautiful rooms, to the attentive staff, provides a satisfying experience. The only weakness to keep in mind is its slightly off-center location from Seminyak’s center.

Ping Hotel Seminyak Bali: $41 / Night

The Ping Hotel Seminyak Bali is a 3-star accommodation, although compared to the first three hotels on the list, its level of comfort might not be equivalent, it still offers good comfort and a very strategic location, close to the beach. One negative note is that the breakfast might not be as satisfying. Nevertheless, the rooms remain comfortable and the staff is helpful. The hotel might not provide luxury, but you will still get a satisfying experience.

Ananda Resort Hotel Seminyak: $37 / Night

Hotel Ananda Resort Seminyak definitely exudes a distinctive traditional style that sets it apart from the modern design of other hotels. Located on Jalan Kayu Aya, in the exclusive Petitenget Seminyak area. However, it’s important to note that Wi-Fi access is not available in the rooms and must be accessed in the pool area or reception. Although the building might be somewhat older, the hotel is still well-maintained.

The best hotels in Seminyak between $53 - $107 USD.

Dash Hotel Seminyak: $62 / Night

Dash Hotel Seminyak boasts a highly strategic location on Petitenget Street in Seminyak. Situated right across from Potato Head Beach Club, you only need to walk a few minutes to reach the beach, and there are also various restaurants, spas, and trendy shops in the area. Its architecture exudes modern and elegant style, and the rooms are designed with the use of red tiles and feature rooftop terraces that add to its distinctive charm.

Hotel Vila Lumbung: $75 / Night

Vila Lumbung Hotel offers a contrasting style compared to the previous hotel, featuring a striking traditional ambiance. Situated amidst lush tropical gardens, this hotel is located in the heart of Seminyak, with a distance of around 800 meters from the beach.

Amadea Resort & Villas Seminyak Bali: $94 / Night

The Amadea Resort & Villas Seminyak Bali is a 4-star hotel located on Jalan Laksmana or Jalan Kayu Aya, which is highly renowned. This is the most iconic road in Bali, famous for its array of restaurants and bars that line its length. Every evening, a bustling atmosphere flows along this road, putting you just a few steps away from all the entertainment Seminyak has to offer. Along the same street, you’ll find various spas, shops, and restaurants, and within a 10-minute walk, you can reach Seminyak Beach. Despite being amidst the hustle and bustle, as soon as you enter this hotel, you’ll experience complete tranquility, isolated from the external noise.

Mutiara Bali Boutique Resort & Villa: $107

Mutiara Bali Boutique Resort & Villa is an excellent choice if you seek the experience of staying in a traditional hotel with a location close to the heart of Seminyak and impeccable service. Even though it’s a bit away from the main road, you only need to walk a few minutes to reach Jalan Kayu Aya and all the surrounding restaurants, shops, spas, bars, and cafes. The staff is attentive, friendly, and ready to fulfill all your needs with a smile on their face.

Four Points by Sheraton: $66 / Night

The Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Seminyak is a hotel with a quite advantageous location in Seminyak. Although you need to walk to reach the main road, the hotel offers free shuttle services for your convenience. The staff is very helpful and the breakfast is also delicious. The hotel’s swimming pool is over 30 meters long, which is quite rare and suitable for swimmers looking to exercise.

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