Batur Trekking Tour

Mount Batur, a natural wonder in Bali, is a stunning active volcano with breathtaking views. Located in the Kintamani area, this mountain offers a challenging climbing experience and spectacular scenery.

Climbing to the summit of Mount Batur is a popular activity among adventurers. The climbing route typically starts from the village of Toya Bungkah, and while not overly difficult, the trek offers a satisfying challenge. This relatively short journey will take you across volcanic sand and rocks before reaching the amazing peak. Upon reaching the summit, you will be rewarded with incredible views that include Lake Batur, the majestic Mount Agung, and the expansive panorama of eastern Bali.

Beyond climbing, the Mount Batur area offers other activities such as refreshing hot baths in Toya Bungkah and exploring the surrounding region known for its natural beauty. Mount Batur is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and adventurers who want to experience the captivating wonder of a volcano amidst the beauty of Bali’s landscape.

Interesting activity on Mount Batur

Batur ATV Day Tour Only US$65

Explore the beauty of Mount Batur by riding an ATV.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking only US$60

See the beautiful sunrise from the top of Mount Batur

Batur Sunrise ATV Ride Only US$ 75

Explore the beauty sunrise of Mount Batur by riding an ATV.

Mount Batur Jeep Sunrise Adventure Only US$ 36

Explore the beauty of Mount Batur by riding an Jeep

Batur Sunrise Trekking + Hotspring Only US$ 80

Explore the beauty sunrise of Mount Batur & enjoy hotspring.

Batur Sunrise Trekking + Batur ATV Ride Only US$ 85

Explore the beauty sunrise of Mount Batur and riding an ATV.

How To Reach Nusa Penida

Mount Batur An astonishing active volcano in kintamani,Bali. Reaching this mountain is relatively easy and fast. Here are several ways to reach Mount Batur:

By Private car

You can reach Mount Batur using a private car from your hotel. A private car is a recommended option due to its relatively short travel time, around 30-60 minutes depending on weather conditions and traffic. We offer various departure schedules, allowing you to choose according to your preferred time and convenience. If you don’t want the hassle of searching for a car rental, by booking one of the packages mentioned above, you will get everything you need to reach Mount Batur, including an experienced guide, a private car equipped with AC, and various other amenities. 

By Public Transportation

You can also use public transportation such as buses or bemos (traditional public transport) to reach Kintamani. However, this option might be less convenient and take more time in terms of travel duration.

By Motorbike

 If you have experience riding a motorbike and feel comfortable with the traffic in Bali, you can also rent a motorbike to reach Gunung Batur. Make sure you have a proper helmet and the required driving license.